What is it? The Aston Martin V8 Vantage N430, the latest special edition model from the British GT and supercar manufacturer. Like most models entering their twilight years, the art of offering more kit for less money becomes increasingly important. Porsche was a master at it with the 997, and Lamborghini wrote the book with the Gallardo. Fortunately, Aston Martin is proving rather adept at it, too. In a nutshell, the N430 is an up-contented
Summer Driving
Summer, for many people, is the time for vacations and for taking a break from the daily grind. For the family vehicle, this often means more mileage. And although warm, dry days are easy on the car, a hot South African summer can present some challenges. But if you prepare your car properly the driving will indeed be easy when the temperatures rise. AIR CONDITIONING If you have air conditioning, then a thorough check of the system will
  Vehicle Preventive Maintenance Perform the following inspections according to your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual maintenance schedules. or take your vehicle to a service centre for professional care. ☐ Check fluid levels: oil, transmission, brakes, power steering, windshield washer, and coolant. ☐ Check belts and hoses. ☐ Check brakes and lights. ☐ Check wiper blades. ☐ Check the pressure of all tyres, including the spare. Before You Leave . . . ☐ Plan your route and leave a copy of your
A spectacular special cabriolet event at Millstock Cars took place on Saturday 17th November. There were over 25 stunning cabriolets and 100 premium cars on show last Saturday at the Observatory showroom. Over 40 guests enjoyed coffee, buck fizz and models with the kids happily grabbing a helium balloon to take home. Watch out for more exciting showroom events next year! Check out all the cars at Five Things to Consider Before Buying a
Our reputation speaks for itself, with 66% of clients being return customers. Why is that, you may ask? Firstly, our experienced sales staff will go that extra mile to get a deal done that excites both us and you, like making sure that you get what you need for your trade-in and making the figures work. Secondly, we hold your hand throughout the whole process making it a seamless, painless and fun exercise. What’s more,